nOS - Network Operating System

Network Operating System, nOS, is a hub for open industry data exchange, combining the benefits of the blockchain, global standards, and enterprise-grade software.

nOS provides a single interface for connecting, rather than replacing, existing legacy IT systems with different blockchain ecosystems and the OriginTrail protocol.

Your interface for trusted data exchange
Setup consortia networks with your partners in just a few clicks;
Easily exchange and match data between partners;
Provision public and private network nodes with ease;
Utilize different public and consortium blockchain networks.
Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data
API access for enterprise software and external services;
Powered by global standards for data exchange (GS1, W3C, ISO, Web of Things, etc.);
Transparent payment system (pay-per-use);
Powerful knowledge graph data structures;
Strong encryption for confidential data;
Connectivity with Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and other blockchain solutions;
Interoperability between systems and networks based on the OriginTrail protocol.
Core Features
Network Deployment

nOS empowers you to create networks of OriginTrail nodes in just a few clicks. You will be able to setup and run your projects without system administrators and blockchain experts.

ERP Integrations

API connectivity and open data standards ensure interoperability between existing legacy systems without the need for costly “rip-and-replace”. Connect with your business network seamlessly.

Consensus Check

Consensus Check allows you to quickly identify and receive notifications on data discrepancies between different consortium partners, enabling quick reconciliation, and avoidance of costly errors.

Supply Chain Mapping

nOS provides you with an easy-to-use graphical interface to map your supply chain and automatically set up the companies and associated nodes, all in a couple of clicks.

Featured Applications
Provenance Application

Use the nOS Provenance app to display the origin of your products to your end customers.

Track and Trace Application

Easily track products along your supply chain and display data for analysis, recall management, volume analysis, and more.


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