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Trace Alliance Hub for Solution Providers

An open and collaborative hub for solution providers.

The Trace Alliance Hub was designed to bring together solutions providers, standardisation bodies, and industries to better plan, implement and select technologies aimed at improving supply chain efficiencies, transparency, and safety.

Trace Labs assists organisations in the initial steps of deliberating about using decentralised solutions to streamline their operations or develop new business models. Challenges such as data privacy, business modelling, semantic interoperability, and preventing vendor lock-in, are addressed and solutions provided.

Some of Trace Alliance Hub Members

Food Supply Chains

We help strengthen food supply chain communities, from farms all the way to retailers and consumers, elevating transparency, safety, and financial performance from seed to table.

Food supply chains are fragmented, and therefore prone to be less efficient and exposed to safety risks and counterfeiting, and, in some cases, have a negative impact on the environment. We are an integral part of several international initiatives aimed at fixing food supply chains for the better of people, the planet, and operational efficiency. We help communities solve challenges such as data privacy, business modelling, and semantic interoperability, and prevent vendor lock-in when selecting which decentralised solutions to use.

Logistics and Transportation

We help enhance logistics systems to achieve unprecedented linked, secured, and trusted data sharing.

The quality of logistics systems depends predominantly on access to well structured, interconnected, and trusted data, which is shared amongst various organisations to bring products from point A to point B. Data exchange, however, is often broken, as companies lack a neutral, trusted, and inclusive technology to get from an organisational optimum to a supply chain optimum. For this reason, BTC City and Trace Labs have been pioneering an innovative logistics system powered by the first Network Operating System (nOS), which is now connecting logistic units all the way from first suppliers to final buyers without friction.

BTC is a provider of integrated logistics services, ensuring storage, commissioning and all other goods-related services, including distribution to end buyers. Services of the BTC Logistics Centre are supported by first class information and communication technology that enables optimal handling of goods.

Open Data Community

We catalyse the adoption of decentralised technologies in open data for a more inclusive, fair, and transparent society.

Open data is the idea that some data should be freely available for everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents, or other mechanisms of control. In other words, open data is data that’s available to everyone to access, use, and share. Be it statistical data related to public services, data on agricultural products, weather information, pollution levels, citizens, or businesses can access them and build value using it. Trace Labs has been an active part of the most prominent open data community in Europe, the Open Data Incubator Europe (ODINE),
funded by the European Union and coordinated by the University of Southampton and partnering with Telefonica and The Guardian, among others. With OriginTrail food provenance solutions and open APIs, we have set an example for how having crucial data about food origins, quality, and authenticity open for relevant stakeholders is beneficial.

GS1 Community

Utilizing GS1 data standards for interoperability of decentralized solutions with legacy systems.

From their inception on, GS1 standards have been instrumental both in the successful implementation of track and trace solutions and the development of both the open source OriginTrail protocol and the nOS. This common language of business allows the user community to speak the same language, and remove friction in global trade.

Implementing blockchain technology in an inter-organisational environment with legacy systems needs to be based on standards. GS1 standards are the best example of this needed common and global business language for collaboration. At Trace Labs, we exploit the relational nature of data beyond the “one step back, one step forward” approach to achieve visibility across the supply chain. GS1 standards help us share relevant and accurate data, while the OriginTrail protocol provides accountability and additional integrity.

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Certification and Compliance

Ensuring products and processes are in line with standards and comply with existing regulations worldwide, with no way to forge, amend or misrepresent relevant data records.

At Trace Labs, we are currently designing solutions for certification and compliance together with the business community. Leave your email if you are interested in co-creating the solution stack or becoming a part of the community.

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Pharmaceutical Industry

Designing a frictionless supply chain for the pharmaceutical industry to fight fraud, power serialisation, and ensure compliance for the user community.

At Trace Labs, we are currently designing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry together with the business community. Leave your email if you are interested in co-creating the solution stack or becoming a part of the community.


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