Implementing DLT to an Agricultural Cooperative

A use case for the Blockchers program.

EU-funded Blockchers program supports the implementation of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) to small and medium-sized companies. With this use case, Trace Labs is helping KZ Šaleška dolina – an agricultural cooperative from Slovenia – connect the dots in its value chain by tracking events from farm to shelf. This is critical for the cooperative to achieve financial performance, product safety and the company’s sustainability goals. Trace Labs enabled KZ Šaleška dolina to automate and streamline core processes and incentivize sustainable farmers by using a public Ethereum blockchain with built-in transparency and integrity. This was integrated with applications on top of the OriginTrail protocol that connect legacy IT to the blockchain without disrupting business-as-usual processes.

Results that lead to commercialization

The result of the pilot implementation for KZ Šaleška dolina is a provenance application that showcases the origin of the ecological meat products. It helps KZ to highlight its key value propositions to the local shoppers and it enables KZ’s to earn fair prices - helping them sustain quality, ecological production.

This commercially successful project was showcased as a positive practice in the local agrifood ecosystem and a similar traceability concept is now included in the government project.