Audit & Risk Management

Efficient, secure and privacy-enabled audit and compliance management from a single interface



Audit and compliance processes are often inefficient and prone to creating space for fraudulent business practices. This is largely due to highly manual processes, fragmented IT system landscapes, and a lack of proper network tools capable of detecting malpractices. Key audit and compliance processes issues faced today:

Siloed data management
Slow updateability of certifications and attestations
No real-time information for stakeholders impacted by compliance and audits
Lack of data standards creating inefficiencies and increasing costs
Multiple regulations are often not taken into account in audits and compliance processes, creating significant legal risks for businesses
Incompliance results in production and distribution delays, creating bottlenecks for all involved parties


Efficient, secure and privacy-enabled audit and compliance management from a single interface

What is it?

nOS based automated and secure audit and compliance monitoring system, ensuring reliability, efficiency and trust. nOS allows for easy connectivity between legacy IT systems and blockchains of various permission levels, ensuring sensitive information is kept safe and secure.

Technologies used

How does it work?

Create a data-sharing environment based on relevant parameters;
Issue, amend, and manage certifications and attestations;
Push audit and certificate data to government agencies, consumers, and other relevant third parties.

How does it boost efficiency?

Easily discover and address discrepancies in documentation related to audits and compliance, thanks to end-to-end data visibility and consensus checks;
Establish more robust, efficient, and agile audit processes;
Automatically issue, revoke, and nullify certificates.

What additional value does it bring?

Increase customer trust by ensuring the integrity of your audits, compliance checks and certificates at all times;
Ensure certificates you issue can easily be validated as authentic at any point in time by customers, consumers, regulators, and other stakeholders;
Explore new business models in the audit and compliance arena (e.g. auditing of different blockchain ecosystems).

Ecosystems & industries

Solution ecosystem

Audit and compliance agencies
Banks and other financial institutions
Government agencies

Applicable industries

Vitamins and Supplements
Personal Care and Cosmetics
Logistics & Supply Chain Management

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