Advanced Business Intelligence

Informed decision making based on complete and structured data with integrity.



A reliable Business Intelligence (BI) system is a key component of any successful enterprise - it is the main pillar of informed decision making. However, collecting, structuring, and analyzing business data in an increasingly data-heavy world has become a complex exercise. Setting up a reliable, comprehensive BI system is a tedious process for businesses today, mostly due to the following challenges:

Poor quality and integrity of data within and across organizations diminishes the value of BI solutions: it is impossible to make good business decisions based on bad data;
Creating BI reports and analyzing data across different systems is a high-effort, often-manual process:
Producing reports and analysis often involves high-cost IT resources that would be better spent on other projects;
Deployment times of traditional BI solutions are long, often extending to over a year for larger organizations.


Business Intelligence Hub Based on nOS

What is it?

An advanced BI hub for decentralized storage, analysis, and visualization of business data from across multiple IT systems and stakeholders. nOS makes it easy to connect and automate data sharing from any type of any legacy IT system, without interfering with day-to-day operations.

How does it work?

Identify data sources;
Set up data sharing environment;
Utilise the power of the OriginTrail protocol (interoperability, cross-referencing consensus checks, and interlinking data);
Execute relevant standardised or custom analysis.

Technologies used

How Does It Boost Efficiency?

Roll-out new BI solutions quickly, efficiently, and across multiple stakeholders;
Reduce effort spent on collecting data and compiling BI reports, thanks to automation and consistent data structures;
Easily identify and address pain points and bottlenecks across multiple stakeholders.

What Additional Value Does It Bring?

Make informed decisions based on analysis of data across multiple stakeholders;
Create predictive analytics to generate insights into likely future outcomes;
Establish new business models based on data brokerage.

Ecosystems & industries

Solution ecosystem

Industry Service Providers
Financial Institutions
Government Agencies

Applicable Industries

Applicable across all industries


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