We are Trace Labs

We are on a mission to facilitate cross-organizational data exchange in global supply chains and corporate environments.

Trace Labs is a core technology builder of the open source OriginTrail protocol for inter-organizational data exchange. We are enabling businesses to harness the value of interconnected data and solve their business challenges with trusted network applications.

With the Network Operating System (nOS) powered by OriginTrail, Trace Labs is presenting user communities of the OriginTrail protocol with a bundle of enterprise applications, focusing on quick implementation, great user experience, and interoperability with legacy systems.


Founders - Board of Directors

Tomaž Levak


Tomaž co-founded OriginTrail in 2013 with a mission to bring transparency to supply chains. He previously managed large events in Kuwait. Under Tomaž’s leadership, OriginTrail started developing blockchain-based traceability solutions involving major European food suppliers and blockchain integrations with IoT smart product platform EVRYTHNG and cloud computing platform Oracle, available to their users worldwide. OriginTrail became the blockchain technology provider for the EUR 20 million-worth program managed by the Wageningen University & Research, aimed at the digital transformation of the European countryside. Tomaž is an active member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance - Supply Chain Working Group. He is an established speaker at events, sharing first-hand experience with the implementation of the blockchain to practice.

Žiga Drev


Žiga co-founded OriginTrail in 2013 with the mission to bring transparency to supply chains and has led the implementation of several traceability projects around the world. OriginTrail’s open-source, blockchain-based protocol for data exchange in global supply chains is enabling businesses to speak the same language with integrity. Žiga is an authority on the topics of data integrity and using the blockchain for solving supply chain challenges. He is an established speaker at events around the globe, sharing first-hand experience from the implementation of blockchain technology in practice.

Branimir Rakić


Branimir is the Chief Technology Officer, co-founder, and technical architect of OriginTrail. In this position, he led successful implementations of OriginTrail technology with various systems of partner companies, most notably Oracle, and integrated advanced features (consensus check, OTM blockchain, and zero-knowledge proof) to the protocol. He spent three months in Austin, Texas, under Bob Metcalfe’s mentorship. Prior to co-founding OriginTrail, he was part of global teams at P3 Group, working with European and US mobile operators, as well as a lecturer at the SAE Institute in Belgrade. He holds and MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Branimir often speaks at technologically-oriented events in Europe and Asia on the topics of interoperability between business networks and DLT technologies.


Jurij Škornik

General Manager

Before joining Trace Labs, Jurij spent five years solving supply chain management challenges for one of the world's largest logistics providers, Deutsche Post DHL. As a consultant, he gained significant experience in a variety of topics, including organizational design, logistics operations, IT system implementation, and carve-outs. His projects took him across Germany, the US, the UK, Switzerland, Belgium and other countries.


2014 - 2016

The founding team's first design of a centralised version of the OriginTrail system, powering traceability in food supply chains;

Compatibility with Microsoft Navision, SAP, and other third-party ERP providers.


Introduction of the blockchain concept to attain data integrity;

Ethereum blockchain used to improve integrity of data managed by OriginTrail;

In response to poor cost, scalability and privacy performance of existing blockchain solutions, the team drafts a white paper laying out foundations for and open source protocol purposefully built for business use

The Team awarded by Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Centre for a Chinese retailer use case


Successful Token Generation Event, kickstarting the development of the OriginTrail protocol

Trace Alliance Partnership Hub launched (75+ members)

OriginTrail Decentralised Network launched;

Oracle partnership to strengthen enterprise-grade software compatibility and the hyperledger blockchain.


Core technology builder organization for the OriginTrail protocol is repositioned and renamed Trace Labs, to focus on increasing global outreach for enterprise solutions;

Launch of Trace Labs’ Network Operating System (nOS).

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